Review of “Heaven’s Burning”

Heaven’s Burning is an all-female trio out of the L.A. area. Their self-titled CD, which includes 5 tracks, is a throwback to the 60’s 45’s – somewhere between surf, psychedelic, and English rock with a focus on ideas of God, heaven, life and love.

The trio have this raw and yet refined sound – going from simple progressions and bare drums/bass supporting, to dark and beautifully musical passages as in “The Box”. “The Box” is a moving somber tune about love – it has a bridge that has shadows of jazz. The second track, “Shout”, moves with the same four guitar chord progression through all verses, chorus, lead, and before the song ends it has been engraved on your mind – and the cool and laid-back vocals of Angela Santiago Chung include some smooth Go-Go’s like harmonies during the chorus. The recorded guitar sound is classic – at times like the Beatles and the Stones sound – it is pure, and the highlight of the musical portion of the CD – real and unprocessed.

The lead guitar portions are right out of the music store floor – nothing flashy . . . but the beauty of the parts are their lack of show-offness – guitarist, Kristy Jones, plays a lead part created purely for the sake of the song and the simple parts are effective and perfect for each track, listen to the lead guitar from tune “Death Is the Truest Love” – it’s a great sound. Track one, “In the Stillness of My Soul” is the coolest track on the CD – harmonies move left and right with Chung’s easy and palatable vocal style – with an answering part ‘only comes from above’ that is EQ’d to sound like a conscience from behind your mind. We look forward to more.