Vol. XII, Issue
January 2002

Free Agents (Soul’d Here)

I love that Heaven’s Burning is a rock band comprised of two chicks who thank some guy named Brett for letting them borrow his bass in the liner notes. I love the songs “Butterfly Psychosis” and “Monday” because they sound like Velocity Girl, Elastica and Cibo Matto all at once. I love that Free Agents has a subtle early 80s flavor without going totally Kravitz-retro.

I don’t love “Moonpools” and “Shake This World” because they have awkward, classic rock interludes that don’t jive with the sexy, Veruca Salt thing they have going on. I don’t love it when Angela raps and I pretty much detest the production full stop. I don’t doubt that all these little nit pickies will be fixed when Angela Santiago Chung and Kristy Jones become big indie rock stars with high-powered stylists and Billy Corgan behind the mixing board. The raw dough is there.

– Emili M. Vesilind