Music Dish E-Journal

Music Dish E-Journal

Yes, heaven’s burning leaves again.

The kids are having fun watching the ashes rise and float to whatever they keep above heaven’s attic. This is what the music says to me. The current youth of America, no wars to worry about, just have a little fun with indecision, overpopulation and joblessness. Oh. Oops. Never mind. I meant to talk about the music. But when the groove of these simple but fun guitars begin spinning, I find myself dreaming.

Immediately the playing reminds me of early Beatles. They weren’t fantastic yet (or were they?) but you know they’re going to be something great on down the long winding road. I’m getting wordy. “Just shut up and review the damn thing!” Right.

5 songs and 21 minutes. A bit of grind to it. Not the fastest car on the road, but a good interior smell. ‘In the Stillness of My Soul’ is how you start this thing. Nice ghosty vocals and good use of stereo. It’s good night music, and the lyrics sound pretty clever. I’d quote them but I can’t make certain sections out too well.

The production sounds fine but there’s nothing really earth-shaking here re: dressing the songs up. Not that there needs to be of course. But I like their sound, and ‘Love With Burn’ has the attitude of Nirvana and other sleeping bands that suddenly spring to life when you aren’t even looking. Definitely worth a long, hard listen. And you can see a little of the Pink Floyd from here.

– Ben Omhart