October 3, 1999

Heaven’s Burning
Self Titled 5 Song EP
“life, death and in between is heaven’s burning…”

Dreamy vocals and jangling guitars combined with a Pop/Alternative edge. Welcome to Heaven’s Burning. If this is merely a taste of what they have to offer I can’t wait to feast my ears upon a full course of this exciting young group. In an industry dominated by males and all of their personas, it’s nice to see women in Rock making some statements musically. I would love nothing more than to hear more of this type of group having success. Women in music are very capable of holding their own along with their male counterparts. So why aren’t we hearing and seeing more of this? Too many men at the top in music I imagine. Yes I am an open minded liberal male of the 90’s. I also appreciate good music when I hear it. The only problem I have with an EP is the fact that they are too short, especially if I really dig the music! This is a fire that’s just begun…