Rock City News

Rock City News
May 27, 1999

Heaven’s Burning at the Roxy

This legendary venue has started to feature female acts on Tuesday nights on a semi-regular basis recently. Among the fine bands seen were Heaven’s Burning, a new alterna-pop outfit with new faces: Kristy Jones, guitar; Angela Santiago Chung, guitar; and Myrna Trevino, drums . . . . They do an intriguing mix of originals and covers: “Monday”, “Shake This World”; plus a Beatles’ cover (“Tomorrow Never Knows”) and a Monkees’ cover (“A Little Bit You, A Little Bit Me”); plus the original “Death Is the Truest Love” were included.

Heaven’s Burning are, in this reviewer’s opinion, the type of music that would fit the Rodney on the ‘ROQ show at KROQ.

– by Ronald Vaughan