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Issue 1

Heaven’s Burning
“Heaven’s Burning”
Independent Release

Heaven’s Burning is a three-piece band from Pasadena, CA. For their first recording, this is very impressive. These girls play music that is very difficult to describe – throughout the CD there are few comparisons that I can draw to other bands. The first song has an interesting melody in the guitars, and I dare say, a slightly psychedelic feel. On the second song, “Shout,” I can detect a Sleater-Kinney sound with the dueling guitar parts. The song features a great guitar line and an upbeat tempo. The next two songs have a slower tempo with a darker feel. The final song, “Death Is the Truest Love (It’s the Truest Lie)”, picks the tempo back up in the vein of “Shout” and features a rap-like section in the middle. The lyrics focus mainly on spiritual issues, but not so much as to limit the scope of their audience. An excellent first effort from these fine ladies.

– Jeremy Wade