Throat Culture

Throat Culture
September, 2001
Issue 4, Vol. 1

Free Agents (Soul’d Here)

One thing that’s cool about doing a magazine is that I receive many CDs that aren’t necessarily in the “metal” genre. It has opened my ears up to a slew of good, non-metal music.

I was quite surprised to receive Heaven’s Burning CD after I listened to it. These girls had some “balls” to send it to a mostly metal magazine. I really am not into this style of music, but it’s a good CD for what it is.

Natalie Merchant or Blondie or maybe even the Cranberries come to mind as I listen to it (thanx Brian Crowley for helping me with the comparisons).

Heaven’s Burning is two women – Angela Santiago Chung and Kristy Jones – playing every instrument as well as vocals, minus the drums which were played by Vigen Sayadian and Ed Ashe. They are very talented women with a knack for writing good, solid hooks in their songs as well as excellent performers.

– Rod Brown